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Independent Advisor

Travel should be about exploration, discovery and enjoyment. These are the same things we look for in our vacations and create in yours. That's what we do here, we plan specifically for you! We are here to listen, plan and work with you to help create your destination dream. 

You're looking at your suitcases, reviewing in your mind if you packed everything. You check the suggested packing list again, you double check your documents and your watch. 


We all do it, we all second guess. Did you remember to pack this, do we have that, what about this; just in case. 


You haven't had to worry about whether or not your plans are in place. Because working with DPP Travel, you know we've taken care of the fine details. We've already confirmed your flights, transfers, hotel and tours. All you’ve had to do is the packing, we've done the planning. 


You're almost on your way to that adventure, and can't wait to get started. Whether it's an amazing journey that includes river cruising, local markets and historical tours. Or maybe it's trekking through the rain forest with zip lining and ATV's in your future.  No matter, you know you're all set! 


Meet Mandy


Travel can change the traveler, but just as importantly, travel can change the world.

For me, travel is very personal, it honestly changed my life, and continues to do so as the years go by. Getting out of my small town opened my eyes to the wide world around me and has ultimately led to a life of many homes.


You see, I’m a military spouse, and not only is traveling my passion it is also my lifestyle. We travel for fun, but we also move a lot! Being able to approach each new location as an adventure, not a trial, gives me a unique “life lens” and I bring that approach to planning for you.


Since my family operates on a different timeline from most people, our trips now range from fun-filled “run-cations” to relaxing cruising and even last-minute stop-drop and go trips. Sometimes we have a long time to plan and other times we only have a week to put a trip together. Because of our unique lifestyle, military families tackle the world a little differently. Being naturally service-oriented, our spirits yearn to know that we're “doing good” by being there. My strong need to be of service is what drives me in my role as your advisor as well which is the heart of my planning.

Another thing that impacts my advisor style is I am a born and bred southern girl. Southern Hospitality, in the true sense of the word, means that I treat you like a lifelong friend and I’m very straightforward about all things.  My mother has always said, “She’s never met a stranger” and that still continues today.


I’m an open book, and I treat my clients the same way.  

Creating adventures that leave you with memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime is always my goal. Adventures of a lifetime, making a difference at home or abroad, climbing mountains or sailing seas, I can take you there. This could be the beginning of a lifelong, and life-changing, relationship! 


Truly, that’s my goal for us, to develop a friendship through travel, and like any good friend, I’ll always have your back. 


So what are you waiting for?


Let’s chat today and plan your next adventure.

What My Clients Say

Working with Mandy has made traveling so much less stressful for me. I have booked at least 5 trips through Mandy. Her research is fabulous and Mandy's suggestions have never disappointed me. Mandy is readily available and promptly answers all of my questions. She coordinates multiple travelers with ease. As Mandy has access to all of my reservations, I am never lost, because she kindly directs me to my next destination when needed. It is with great confidence that I ask Mandy to do my thinking for me when I have a trip to plan. She is a treasure that I happily share.

- Kathy I.

Mandy has again gone above and beyond to help make our travel needs a reality. If you are looking for anything travel-related she is going to take care of everything you need! - Tim M