You know, when it comes to cruising, the world really is your playground!


Regardless of your vacation style, or your budget, there’s probably a cruise out there you’d love.



Ocean cruise liners are usually a destination unto themselves.  Often, the ship IS a destination equal, and sometimes even surpassing, the ports of call!  Ocean cruising can be as luxurious and relaxing or playful as you can imagine.  From catering to families, to full blown parties at sea, ocean cruises are as varied as the world’s population.  


That’s where we come in.  Which one is actually right for you?  Do you like amazing Broadway style shows, or surfing at sea?  How about your own personal butler and sea side massages?  During our free consultation, we’ll discover your true cruise personality and recommend the perfect fit for you.  


Who knows?  You may even be more suited to something else altogether!



River cruising?  That’s for retired people!  FALSE - River cruising can be great for anyone!  Similar to ocean cruising, each river cruise brand has its own personality.  Unlike a lot of ocean cruises, most activities are actually included on a river cruise.  Some cruise lines have itineraries that are designed for 18+ only passengers and cater to clients who appreciate a calmer and more relaxed pace through the entire trip.  However, other river cruise lines have itineraries designed specifically for passengers with wellness, or adventure in mind!  Would you believe that some even cater to families?  It’s true!  Imagine sailing past stunning castles with your young prince or princess and experiencing archery classes with your budding Robin Hood.    


Ocean cruise lines take you TO a destination, River Cruises take you THROUGH them.      

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So which style is best for you? 

Let us help you determine which style of cruising fits your travel needs.

We have cruise specialists on hand to help.

Cruises are perfect for groups!

Enjoy your family or social club as you cruise to destinations that inspire wonder and amazement for the entire crowd.  Make lasting memories for your entire family, or fan club while being entertained in style.  Did you know that groups often qualify for special rates or amenities and group leaders sometimes even travel for free?  

Contact us today to help you organize your next group cruise.