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O'ahu, Hawai'i

Hawaiian Islands

What comes to mind when you hear Hawai’i? Is it a tropical paradise, with sunset walks on the beach, blue skies that rival the ocean waters? Or maybe you recall the horrors that happened that faithful day December 7, 1941. No matter the image, they’re all true and Hawai’i is a place full of history, beauty and memories.


Made up of 132 islands, eight major islands only 6 are open to the public. The islands of Ni’ihau and Kaho’olawe are not open to the public. Hawai’i is the only state that was once a kingdom, and you can visit the royal palace on the island of O’ahu. Hawai’i is the only state that grows coffee and has for more than 200 years. Maui has a winery completely devoted to pineapple wine. And you can sample Hawaiian rum at the Koloa Rum Co. at Kilohana Planation. This will be a brief overview of Hawai’i in general.


Whether or not you’ve visited the islands, you’ve heard the word “Aloha”, at some point as we’ll as the “hang loose” symbol. Something to note, although Aloha is a greeting and a salutation, it also references the spirit of the Hawaiian people. They are kind and welcome you to an inclusiveness that is the magic of the islands. Hawai’i also has the longest life expectancy among US citizens.


The temperature of Hawai’i only varies by 15 degrees year-round, and they have eleven of the 13 major climate zones here. You can even see snow-capped mountains in the winter. Just imagine standing on a beautiful sandy beach with the warmth of the sun, and looking up to see a snow-capped mountain in the distance….. Historical temperatures May-October are 75-88 drees and November-April 68-80 degrees. Water temperatures are 71-80 degrees year-round. High visitor season is July-August and December-March, value is April-June and September-November. Just keep in mind, there isn’t a bad time to visit this paradise.


Historically speaking, you have the Hawaiian gods that helped create the islands, and many still believe in these. Pele (goddess of fire) and Namaka (goddess of sea) were related but enemies and through their fight, the islands of Hawai’i were created.


The Hawaiian Islands are a great destination for all travelers, newlyweds, business meetings/conventions, anniversary trips, family vacations and so much more. Each island has a specialty that whether it’s culture, romance, golf or business, there’s an island perfectly fit for your interests.

When visiting the islands, the only way to have an “all-inclusive” option, is to hop a cruise ship for stops at all the islands. There are no true all-inclusive resorts on the islands. Island hopping is a great way to see more than one island on your visit, just be sure to consider the time consumption for the travel.

Something for everyone

There are amazing golf courses on the islands, snorkeling, diving, hiking and so much more. We could spend hours talking about each island, what to do on each island and when. Just know we are educated, trained and even first-hand visitors of these amazing locations. If you want to take a kayak tour, or maybe go tubing through an old irrigation system, movie set tours, helicopter rides, active volcanoes and lava fields to local artist shops and so much more. Never rule out a destination, because it just might be what you’re looking for. Contact us today, to see what amazing adventures await you in Hawai’i.

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