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Paris - Always a good idea

Although not everyone will agree with the above statement, there are some incredible sights so much history, and let's not forget about the food!

While the size of Paris can be a bit overwhelming, and you may have a limited time visiting, here's a list we put together to help while in the City of Lights.

1. Visit O Chateau for the absolute BEST wine experience! They offer so many

options...ranging from a single glass of wine to a Champagne Cruise on the

The Seine to a full-day small-group tour to the Champagne region of France!

2. Stop into the L'Orangerie museum to get "up close and personal" with

Monet's incredible Water Lilies. This small museum is easy to get in and out

of, usually with no crowds, and is a fantastic way to see some of the most incredible art in France – hassle-free! CLOSED on TUESDAY

3. One of the best values in the Paris art scene is the Sculpture Garden at

the Rodin Museum. For only 1 Euro per person, you can wander around and

view some of Rodin's most famous works, including "The Thinker." There is

also a quaint café in the gardens if you want to enjoy a coffee or glass of wine

with your culture! CLOSED on MONDAY

4. Be sure to save a few hours to spend on the incredibly charming market

street, Rue Cler (in the 7th arr). This is my favorite area of the city, and you can

find just about anything you might want to eat, drink, smell, see, hear or buy!

If you are "munchy," try a freshly made crepe from the stand outside Ulysses kids started their day with one every day while we were


5. Buy the "fixings" for a great picnic at one of the many markets and eat "al

fresco" for lunch! Where else can you enjoy such excellent food in the

shadows of the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame cathedral? A small bottle of slightly

chilled French rose wine to share completes the experience!

6. It is hard to go too wrong with Parisian cafes and restaurants....look for places

with locals who seem to be enjoying themselves....avoid the ones with big "WE

SPEAK ENGLISH" signs and "TOURIST MENUS" are advertised out front. Most all

have English-translated menus, if you ask. Remember that Parisian waiters are

paid well...not like here in the US! Slow service is good are

basically in no rush...the meal IS the entertainment. (Unlike here, where we

grab a quick bite before a movie.) You must ask politely for the check when

you are ready to leave...a waiter will never bring your bill spontaneously

because they don't want to seem to rush is considered rude! Relax and

enjoy the experience!

7. We know the Eiffel Tower is a "must" for many people, but there is no

reason to go all the way up to the top. The view is better from the 1st

and 2nd level since Paris is so flat. Reservations can (and should) be made at On the 1st level, there is a nice restaurant for lunch. You

can walk around the perimeter marked with signs explaining what you

are viewing – and if you have a reservation for the restaurant, you can bypass

the massive line for the elevator. It is a great way to get the layout of the whole

city without the crushing crowds at the top.

8. The Louvre is one of those museums that irritates the fire out of us! It is

HUGE, hot, and crowded...but everyone feels like they need to go.

You don't unless you are a serious artist or art history buff. If you are into art, be sure to purchase a Museum Pass that will act as your ticket to most

of the major museums in Paris...AND the card lets you bypass most of the


We love sharing our knowledge and tips for your travels, and these are just a few details we share with clients. Contact us when you're ready to plan your next adventure. We can't wait to share our knowledge with you!


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