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Setting Sail with Virgin Voyages

Updated: Feb 5

An Unconventional Cruise Experience

Cruising has long been a beloved vacation choice for those seeking relaxation, adventure, and memorable experiences on the high seas. In recent years, Virgin Voyages has disrupted the traditional cruise industry by offering a fresh and unconventional approach to cruising. With their unique take on sea travel, Virgin Voyages has become a favorite among travelers looking for something different.

A New Way to Cruise

Virgin Voyages, the cruise line launched by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group, offers a distinctive approach to cruising. They've taken a fresh look at every aspect of the cruise experience, from design to dining, entertainment, and wellness. Here are some key elements that set Virgin Voyages apart:

  1. Adult-Only Cruises: Virgin Voyages caters exclusively to adults, creating a relaxed and adult-centric atmosphere perfect for couples, friends, and solo travelers seeking a peaceful and enjoyable getaway.

  2. Unique Ships: Virgin Voyages' fleet includes impressive, cutting-edge vessels like the Scarlet and Valiant Lady. These ships are designed to provide a luxurious and stylish experience with a touch of rebelliousness.

  3. No Buffets: Forget traditional cruise buffets; Virgin Voyages offers various dining options, including specialty restaurants serving gourmet cuisine.

  4. No Gratuities or Hidden Fees: Tipping and service charges are included in the cruise fare, simplifying your experience and eliminating the need to carry extra cash on the ship.

  5. Wellness Focus: Virgin Voyages promotes well-being with an onboard fitness center, spa, yoga classes, and nutritious dining options to help you rejuvenate during your voyage.


Virgin Voyages offers a range of enticing itineraries, taking you to some of the most beautiful and culturally rich destinations worldwide. Whether you're dreaming of the white-sand beaches of the Caribbean, the historic streets of Europe, or the natural wonders of the Mediterranean, Virgin Voyages has a cruise for you.

Entertainment and Activities

Virgin Voyages aims to redefine the cruise experience with cutting-edge entertainment and activities. You can enjoy live music, comedy shows, immersive theater experiences, and a lively nightclub scene onboard. There's something for everyone, from relaxing by the pool to dancing the night away.


Foodies will appreciate the diverse dining options available on Virgin Voyages cruises. From fine dining to casual eateries, there are plenty of opportunities to savor exquisite cuisine. Virgin Voyages offers inclusive food options, meaning you can enjoy various meals without worrying about additional charges.


Virgin Voyages is committed to sustainability, strongly focusing on protecting the environment and minimizing its carbon footprint. Their ships are equipped with the latest eco-friendly technology to reduce emissions and waste, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious travelers.

Suppose you're looking for a cruise experience that breaks away from the traditional and embraces a fresh, exciting, and adult-centric approach to sea travel. In that case, Virgin Voyages is a fantastic choice. With their unique blend of luxury, entertainment, dining, and sustainability, a voyage with Virgin Voyages promises a memorable and unconventional cruise adventure. Are you ready to set sail with Virgin Voyages and prepare for a vacation that will leave you with lasting memories and a desire to return for more? Contact us for some fantastic amenity options offered by our agency.


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