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Butler, what butler?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Just think, someone, to be available when you call....Ahhh....the images we have in our head of the stuffy, usually British, Butler – almost always named Jeeves or Bernard! But let’s be honest...most of us have no real reference other than a few TV sitcoms like maybe “Downton Abbey" or "The Crown.”

In the real world, Butler Service is becoming a much sought-after perk at many All-Inclusive resorts and some Cruises. It sounds romantic having someone at your beck-and-call ready to serve you champagne and run your rose petal bath, right? But most travelers feel a little awkward, at first, knowing just what services a Butler can (and won’t) provide. And, is it really worth the extra cost?

Only YOU can decide that. Most people travel to get away from daily life routines, and Butler service can help you feel like a King or Queen for a

week. Maybe it’s a special occasion like a Honeymoon or a Milestone Anniversary or

Birthday. Or maybe – just maybe – you decide that you are just WORTH IT. Whatever

your reason, Butler Service can make a huge difference in the quality of your


So what can a Butler add to your vacation? There are the obvious perks, like

unpacking and packing your suitcase, making dinner and entertainment

reservations, and making sure that you have your coffee delivered hot and fresh at

a set time in the morning.

But to dig deeper, we asked some of our fellow travel professionals to share stories of some of the most wonderful examples. These are stories of Butler service from their own clients’ vacations (or their own). Here are some of the replies:


“I had a couple who didn’t really know how to utilize their Butler until one day

when they were leaving the resort to explore nearby beaches and the Butler

asked if he could pack them a picnic lunch and some cold beers in a cooler to

take with them. They would never have thought of that, and it made their

afternoon even more perfect.”


“I came off the plane and then onto the resort property REALLY sick! My Butler

didn’t leave my side and had special soup made for me. He then had the Spa

bring in hot towels with these amazing smelling hot essential oils. Finally, he

went and made up a natural eucalyptus treatment and rubbed my feet and

hands (wrapped with HOT HOT HOT towels). I was amazingly CURED in 2 joke! Now, I never leave my special "potion lotion" bottle at

home when I travel!”


“Having a Butler was the best thing for us as a family. When my husband and

I went to a rare adult-only dinner, the Butler took the kids out to dinner, rode

them around in the golf cart, played ping pong with them, etc. They loved our

Butlers by the end of the week. A great perk for families!!!”


“She walked us to dinner every night and made sure I had my favorite martini

ready and waiting. She also reserved our spot at the beach and pool and had

cold water in a cooler waiting. She also came over to us at the beach during

lunch, took our order, and brought us lunch. I can come up with many



“I surprised my husband with a new putter, and the Butler wrapped it and

had it waiting with breakfast on his birthday, along with reservations to play

golf. He also whisked us to our reserved table at restaurants during the week

while others waited in lines or with beepers.”


“I had some clients at Sandals Royal Caribbean recently, and they had their

Butler take over a cooler full of water and booze to the private island every day

and set them up with chairs and an umbrella. They would also have a bottle of

chilled Champagne and pre-dinner munchies waiting on their balcony each

day at a certain time.”

So, what do you think? Is a Butler in your future? Having experienced the butler service firsthand, it’s amazing, and you miss it when you return home. Some resorts have this as a standard service when staying with them. Other’s can offer this for an additional fee.

What a great gift to enhance a special vacation, right? We always offer to upgrade clients to Butler rooms. Why? Because if we don’t, and then they get there and see what they could have had...they will want to know why we didn’t give them that experience! Most clients who do splurge return from their adventure incredibly pleased with the upgrade because of the enhanced experience. Just relax, we’ll take care of the planning, then let the Butler do the rest!

When you’re ready, we’ll be here to plan your next great adventure!

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