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Don't Leave Home Without.....

What is it? It's all the necessary items you forget when packing!

We're all out of the practice of packing. It's been more than a few months that we've had to put all our trips on hold. As we get back out there, these refresher packing items might actually need replacing before your next adventure.

You won’t want to leave home without them

Looking for gift ideas for the traveler in your life? Or maybe you could use one of these genius gadgets to make your next trip even better! Even the most seasoned traveler can pick up new tricks now and then. Have you ever stumbled on the perfect travel gadget — the thing that turned into the item you now would never dream of leaving the house without? Here are five of my favorites right now.

1. A great book light. Part of this is about getting to read your favorite book no matter the lighting conditions, and part of it is scoring bonus points with the person next to you on the train or the airplane. A book light lets you enjoy your reading without blinding the people near you. It lets you navigate in a car at night without compromising safety. It can function as a useful bedside light if you need to find something in the dark without waking up your partner. These are indispensable tools for frequent travelers. Prices vary, of course, but this slim number from MightyBright only costs $13.99.

2. A portable humidifier. Hotel air is stale and dry. It dries out your skin, your eyes, your mouth. It makes your throat scratchy and can irritate allergies. It feels awful to wake up for an 8 am meeting and feel like you’re fighting a cold. Enter a device like the Satechi portable humidifier. It turns any old bottle of water into a fine mist humidifier that can help you breathe a lot easier for just $29.99.

3. A portable smartphone charger. A unique panic accompanied an almost-dead phone battery when you forgot your plugin at the hotel room, or there’s nary an outlet to be found in an airport or packed conference room. Forget the hassle (and the panic) with a portable charger. Small and powerful, these can easily slip into your purse or briefcase. Some are no bigger than a tube of lipstick. Others are the size of a cell phone and can double as a wall charger. You’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

4. A lightweight tripod for your smartphone. If you love to capture all those special moments but want more flexibility — or the ability to have yourself in the photo without having to take a selfie — this tool is indispensable. Featherweight and adjustable options, check them out HERE, ranging in price from $10 and up.

5. An electronics organizer for your suitcase or briefcase. One of the perpetual battles of traveling is keeping track of the array of devices, chargers, cords, USB cables, earbuds, and batteries part of a tech-savvy world. You’ll save much time and searching and mess if you can travel with them all in one handy place. We like the customizable arrangement of these basket-weave elastic straps ($14.99-$19.99, depending on size) that can slip easily into your tote, or you can go for a separate zip-up case ($29.95).

There’s something so satisfying about finding the perfect travel tool that makes your life a million times easier. We think these five are a great place to start!

Are you ready to start laying out your travel plans for the year ahead? Working with a Travel Professional can ensure that you get the most out of your travels. Click here to contact us today!

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