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Holiday Travel-are you ready?

Planning a Flight around the Holidays

There is always a chance that your flight will get canceled or delayed regardless of when you fly. However, the holidays are hectic for airports, and you don't want to spend your holiday there instead of with your family. Be prepared for long lines at the check-in desk and security. Even though you should be at the airport two hours before your plane takes off during regular travel times, you will want to increase that up to three hours when you travel around the holidays.

Try to keep the number of items you bring along to a minimum. It will make checking your baggage easier and prevent such things from being lost or damaged. If you are traveling for Christmas and want to send gifts, it is a good idea to mail them separately, and they will be there when you arrive. If you do decide to pack them, don't wrap them, as they are subject to being inspected. You can cover the gifts when you arrive at your destination.

Traveling around Thanksgiving or Christmas always comes with the risk of the weather being a problem, so make sure you are prepared. Some travelers have had their flights delayed for a couple of days due to storms coming in during these times. It is a good idea to arrive at the airport prepared for the worst. Make sure you have plenty of activities for children to stay busy with. You also want to carry snacks and reusable water bottles, so you don't have to pay outrageous prices at the airport.

If you have specific dates of travel to spend the holidays away from home, you will want to secure your travel arrangements early. If you wait until the last minute in hopes of prices dropping, you may be disappointed that you won't get to go because the flights are sold out.

Many people save money on flights by taking connections or accepting a layover or two. You may want to skip this money-saving tip during the holidays just because most airports will be hectic. You don't want to have to deal with hurrying across a busy airport terminal to find your connecting flight. This will be the easiest solution for your travel day if you can get a reasonable price on a direct flight.

You must have all your travel documents and a printed copy of your travel itinerary. Most airline staff will be overwhelmed with people asking for assistance during this time of the year. You don't want to arrive and discover that you don't have a reservation after all and that there is not a space on the plane for you. This is why it's so helpful to have a travel agent to ensure you're all set for your travel.

If you want to avoid crowds during holiday travel, consider taking a very early morning or late evening flight. You will find these are often less expensive as well. While it may interrupt your normal sleep patterns, it can help to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety while you are traveling during the holidays.

Keep a careful eye on those planning to fly with children around the holidays. They can quickly become separated from their family in the crowd of people moving around. Strollers are an excellent option for small children and can be valet checked with most airlines. Please ensure all the adults in the party know which flight they are taking and the airline in case they get separated.

If you are prepared, you can have a fabulous trip to visit your family and friends over the holidays. Paying attention to the airlines' guidelines is crucial to ensure you have a safe trip. Being on time will help ensure you don't have your plans crushed because you missed a flight and must catch a plane in the following days.

We at DPP Travel make your trip as stress-free as possible. We confirm flights, accommodations, and transfers, so you only worry about the things in your control. When it's time to plan your holiday travel or even spring or summer adventures, be sure to reach out and let us help make your travel as stress-free as possible.


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