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Let's Winter in Hawaii

A sunny escape from winter weather, the Hawaiian Islands.

If you are thinking about planning a trip to Hawaii, you may be wondering about the best time of year to visit Hawaii. Well, anytime. Hawaii doesn't have an off-season. The winter months of January and February seem to be the rainiest, but it's not the same kind of winter you would have in other parts of the United States. In fact, the winter months may draw crowds during those so-called rainy months. One reason is that the waves on the northern shores of the islands are much more significant during the winter. The North Shore of Oahu is famous for those huge waves, sometimes coming in as high as thirty feet. These are some of the largest waves in the world.

On any given day on the North shore, you can expect to see world championship surfers, particularly at Waimea Bay. The Banzi pipeline is another popular surfing spot for these amazing athletes. The pipeline is famous for its long tubes. But don't be fooled by the lure of this gorgeous wave; the water underneath is shallow and full of coral reefs. The waves at these famous hot spots are not for beginners. If you are learning to surf, stick to the shallow waves at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.

Another reason for the high number of winter tourists is whale watching. Whale-watching season is generally from December to May. Whale watching is a popular activity during the winter months on the island of Maui. You can expect to see many different species of whales, including the humpback whale. They are typically found along the western shore of Maui. Ma'alaea Bay is a great spot to catch a glimpse of the mother and baby whales. The shallow waters of the bay offer protection from possible shark attacks. You can see the whales by simply taking a stroll along the beach. Many tour companies also offer day trips to popular whale-watching destinations. The island of Lanai also offers some whale-watching opportunities, both on and offshore.

The humpback whale is the fifth largest of the whale family of mammals. The humpback is on the endangered species list due mainly to the hunting of these animals in previous years. Hunting humpbacks was considered a great sport at one time, and it almost forced the species into extinction. Humpback whales can reach lengths of 45 feet and weigh as much as 45 tons. Humpback whales, or koholā in the Hawaiian language, can be seen on every island.

Another reason Hawaii is such a popular vacation destination during the winter months is its basic geography. Because the winter months are so cold and dreary during these months back on the mainland, visitors flock to Hawaii for a much-needed respite. What better way to escape a February snowstorm than to sit on a tropical beach in paradise and sip on Mai tais. Whatever your reason for visiting Hawaii, all the islands are waiting and are sure to please even the most frostbitten winter visitor.

Are you ready to plan your winter escape? Let's chat about your options and get you to a warmer destination.


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