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Amazing Facts about Dubai

Dubai is known for extravagant shopping, present-day design, and an enthusiastic nightlife scene. Dubai is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates.

This beautiful city is a cosmopolitan oasis of ultramodern architecture and luxury lifestyle. Here are some amazing facts worth knowing about Dubai:

1. The police force in Dubai spends more on every one of their supercars than what it costs to send a child to college in the USA.

Dubai's police force drive vehicles which amaze travelers and show how "advanced" the city is. The Ferrari FF ($500,000), Lamborghini Aventador ($397,000) and an Aston Martin One-77 ($1.79 million). Many of the amazing supercars you see here in the United States were originated in Dubai. Dubai police officers drive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and even Aston Martin’s regularly. The Police use supercars so they can catch any criminals in a potential car chase. This allows police to catch and arrest criminal in a more timely manner.

2. Approximately 85 percent of Dubai's population is foreign

Estimations show that around 15 percent of Dubai's populace are Emiratis, while the other 85 percent are expatriates. The greater part of the laborers working in Dubai moved to the United Arab Emirates from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Emirati nationals are far outnumbered by expats in Dubai. The majority of the population is Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Asian and Western.

3. Up to this point, Dubai had no addresses, no postal divisions, no region codes and no postal framework

Because of the rate at which Dubai has been developing, it never built up a standard address framework. Rather than an address line on a mailing mark, citizens could just draw a guide or work out particular guidelines. Dubai is still a growing city that is rapidly changing. This is a nice little fact that most people don’t know about the governmental structure of Dubai.

4. Home to the World's Tallest Building

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Dubai is known as the city of sky Skypers because there are currently over 400 skyscrapers throughout this growing city. Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world with a height of 828 m (830 m to tip) and 163 floors. Burj Khalifa is also home to the world’s highest restaurant, highest mosque, highest nightclub, and a variety of historical landmarks for tourists to explore!

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