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I'm sorry, WHAT?

As travel professionals we get asked a lot of questions. And most make sense, but there's a few that have even us scratching our heads. Today we share with you a few that...well, made us giggle. These are just to entertain and humor you, none are meant to make fun of or embarass anyone.

Again, just for giggles....Here are ten of the craziest questions asked by potential

clients...donated by fellow travel professionals:

1. Can you ask the airline to block the seat next to me so I can stretch out

a little?

Ummm...sure! But there will be a fee for that...equal to the cost of a second

ticket! (Because that's what you have to do!)

2. Will the beach at my resort be all sandy?

I'm thinking that's a "yes"...but I can't guarantee it!

3. Can you book two rooms in different parts of the resort—one for me and my

wife, and the other for my girlfriend?

No comment!

4. Is our relationship "privileged" like a client/lawyer relationship?

We're thinking this was the same client from question #3

5. How can I get to Europe without flying or cruising?

Well, sprouting wings or fins works for some people....

6. Can you please plan a honeymoon for me, my bride and my mother?

We give that marriage 6 months tops....

7. Does the crew actually sleep onboard the cruise ship?

No, they paddle along behind in the lifeboat, genius!

8. Can you seat me away from the window on the airplane? I am getting my

hair done before the trip and don't want it to get messed up!

Seriously, this one was actually really happened! Little old lady flying to her

granddaughter's wedding....

9. Will you watch my pet while I’m away?

Kind of puts the "full service" in Travel Agent!

10. Is gambling legal in the cruise ship's casino?

Another one we really can swear is real....we guess they thought the cruise line was

operating a big sting operation??? Not sure!


This article was purely to entertain...we’re not trying to make any point, or

make anyone feel bad.... but be careful what you ask your travel professional! It might

just show up in someone’s blog or weekly newsletter, and it will most definitely be shared over cocktails at the next travel conference!

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