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Top 5 things to do in Amsterdam

Everyone thinks of the beautiful windmills and tulips, and those are great, but there's so much more. Here are the top things to do, when you're ready to visit we can personalize your itinerary to you. Check out the suggestions below and contact us when you're ready to plan your adventure.

It's no secret that Amsterdam is one of the most exciting places on this Earth to visit. With its

rich history, artistic legacy, intricate canal system, and abundance of museums, you will find that there is so much to do and see in the time you are there to visit. To help you come up with somewhat of an itinerary for your vacation, we've decided to write out a list of the top 5 things to do while you're in Amsterdam.

1. Take a historical canal ride. The water tours of Amsterdam are some of the most desired.

Since there are hundreds of canals throughout the nation that were created just for travel,

there is no reason not to give this popular attraction a try. During your gentle water ride, you'll get to view some of the country's most detailed architecture and most beautiful


2. Take a walk through the wildflowers. Amsterdam takes great pride in its bulb flowers,

especially tulips. Visit the amazingly vibrant bulb flower park in Lisse if you wish to see

the tulips in all their glory. If you happen to miss the tulip season, don't worry. There are

plenty of bulbed flowers that grow year-round at the park.

3. Visit one of the many spectacular art museums or history museums. Check out paintings

by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, or other world-renowned artists or revisit history by walking into the Anne Frank House, where you can see the secret annex where Anne hid during World War II.

4. Walkthrough De Wallen, the nation's red-light district. Although it's famous for some

risky behavior, there is much more to the city. Try out one of the district's fine restaurants,

small boutiques, or find more responsible entertainment at any of the places not lit up

with red lights. For a faster way to venture through, rent a bicycle. You'll find that you

rent a bike nearly anywhere in the country.

5. Last but not least, you mustn't leave the country without trying some of its authentic Dutch cuisine or experiencing one of its cannabis coffeehouses. People travel all over the world

to Amsterdam to encounter these coffee shops in person. In Amsterdam, marijuana is

simply a way to unwind, and these coffeehouses are some of the most reputable and

reliable sources to enjoy a delicious bite to eat and a puff of smoke as you dine.

So, did any of these make your list? Or do you have something more specific for your trip? We can personalize trips to your likes and wants, let's start planning your next vacation today.

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