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Wadi Rum eat, drink and experience

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

What to eat, drink and see while visiting Wadi Rum.

A prevalent tourist location and one that is focused on eco-adventure services. Can we say how much we LOVE that and all that the Zalabieh tribe is doing to protect this fantastic location.

Wadi Rum, an arid desert valley located in South Jordan, is a great place to go when you need a getaway. With most of the land remaining uninhabited, the area is the perfect destination for anyone looking to leave behind vastly crowded cities. Wadi Rum is so isolated that you won't even be able to fly directly there, but don't worry- there are plenty of buses you can take after flying to a nearby city.

What to Eat and Drink

When it comes to delicious food, there is no shortage in Wadi Rum! If you are staying overnight in one of the many Bedouin camps or luxury tents, you will be able to find traditional dishes there, such as chicken, goat, or Bedouin tea. Wadi Rum cuisine tends to feature lots of exciting spices and vibrant flavors.

Sights to See

Wadi Rum features a protected area, inside which many of the following historical and natural sites lie.

1. Anfashieh Inscriptions- These inscriptions, which show a camel caravan, are carved into a mountain from the Nabatean and Thaumadic times.

2. Umm Fruth Rock Bridge- The smaller main rock bridges in the area, you might see Umm Fruth if you sign up for a tour, as it is easily accessible and only takes about 5-15 minutes to climb.

3. Burdah Rock Bridge- While this rock bridge is more prominent and can be seen from a distance, climbing provides a view unlike any other. The only catch is that it takes about 4-7 hours to climb, thus requiring an all-day tour.

4. Lawrence Spring- This stagnant spring sits near a breathtaking view of the desert, on top of a short scramble. It is a little over a mile away from the village of Rum.

5. Seven Pillars of Wisdom- A rock formation near the visitor's center, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom is so impressive that it was named after T E Lawrence's autobiography.

Popular tours include 4x4 ATVs, camel rides, glamping, hiking, rock-climbing, and horseback riding, to name a few. We can forget to mention the numerous film locations that can be visited, like, Dune, Aladdin (live-action), Red Planet, and of course, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

There are many other incredible natural and historical wonders to explore, so make sure to reach out and get more information if you are interested in seeing the great area of Wadi Rum for yourself!

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